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an original laptop charger in the lab
Laptop charger are unique and varies between any type and model of a laptop computer, whether it is a dell inspiron laptop charger or a laptop charger of dell vostro or dell latitude charger,
asus laptop charger for zeenbook, toshiba laptop charger, lenovo thinkpad power supply,
hp laptop usb charger, etc.i
In the ETL laboratory we offer our customers all types of original laptop charger according to the type, year and model number of the laptop and compatible with charger electrical Values for the specific laptop. These are original laptop chargers that prevent undesired warming of the battery and computer components, maintain their integrity and prevent their breakdown. What’s more, when purchasing an original laptop charger, asus charger, lenovo charger, asus laptop charger, original dell charger, asus computer charger, lenovo laptop charger adapter, hp laptop power cable,
apple laptop charger, dell laptop power adapter, hp laptop charger, Lenovo laptop charger, asus laptop charger, samsung laptop charger , acer laptop charger , hp computer charger, asus charger, original laptop charger, hp original charger, fujitsu laptop charger and any original laptop charger in our lab will win you 5% off Payment and will be provided with a 6-month manufacturer warranty in the laboratory.At ETL Computer Lab, you can find all the original laptop charger of all Manufacturers

The need to charge a laptop with an original laptop charger

A laptop has created a significant revolution in the culture of work in the economy, in the possibility of using the computer and the Internet anywhere in Israel and abroad, and not necessarily from home or from the office. Therefore, many choose to invest in the purchase of a laptop as reliable and quality it has to offer. However, these computers require an exclusive charging voltage and will work normally and optimally only with there original laptop charger.

High quality and reliable original laptop charger

The original laptop charger are manufactured by the laptop manufactures: dell, HP, Lenovo, asus and all computer companys that has been recognized in recent decades as a leading technolegy manufacturer. The original laptop charger is considered to be a reliable and high-quality product. The laptop charger performs quickly and safely, allowing continuous work for extended periods of time.i

Importance of purchasing an original and compatible laptop charger

We recommend to all our customers that you purchase an original laptop charger that is compatible with your speisific computer, and we have available in stock all the originals laptop charger of all the leading laptop manufacturers sold in Israel. The recommendation comes from being high-quality chargers that are just right for your laptop type and resources. using An israel electric plug and original laptop charger prevents the battery and computer from warming up and Overheating, prevents malfunctions, and contributes to the extension of their lives and full utilization of processor speed and memory. In addition, since each laptop model has its own voltage and amps and plug, it is best that you come to us with your laptop and old laptop charger for so that we can perform a full compatibility test in choosing the original laptop charger that is right for your computer and compatible to israel electric.i

original laptop charger and other information

To purchase original laptop charger with israel plug: original computer charger for Lenovo, Dell Laptop Charger, HP Notebook Charger, Lenovo laptop charger, a MacBook Charger, MacBook pro Charger, Asus Laptop Charger, MacBook air Charger, Toshiba Laptop Charger, Samsung Laptop Charger, Acer Laptop Charger, a Sony Laptop Charger, you can contact us ETL Computer Lab at


Contact us today and we will be happy to be at your service and provide you with more details and professional information on the subject

All original laptop chargers are available for immediate purchase in the laboratory
It is recommended to come with the laptop and the old laptop charger (if any) for compatibility
testing in the laboratory. most manufacturers have about 12 different laptop chargers
Manufacture 12 month warranty for all original laptop chargers


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E.T.L Computer Lab. 51 Hahashmonaim st. Tel aviv

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