Mac Service Lab

?your MacBook Pro is broken
?did you gave your Mac too much to drink
?need to upgrade your iMac

!!! your in the right place

MacBook Repair, Upgrade Mac os, MacBook Pro Repair, IMac Repair, MacBook Screen Repair, Apple Computer Repair, MacBook Pro Battery, MacBook Pro SSD, ,MacBook Keyboard, Mac SSD, MacBook Air Repair, Mac fix, Mac Service

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Need a computer repair? Macbook repair? memory upgrade or actually restoring information? the best computer service ?
a skiled computer technician ? computer fixing ? PC doctor ?
The computer is tired, going into interruptions between two and four and constantly updated? The laptop will not turn on? Have you lost your laptop charger? Did the computer drink wine or coffee If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions

!!! you have reached the right place

ETL Lab Services

ETL Computer Lab specializes more than 10 years in all Apple macbook repair, imac repair, macbook pro repair, macbook air repair and iMac upgrade, MacBook SSD upgrade, including macbook logic board repair, imac graphics card repair, macbook screen repair cost,
macbook air screen replacement, macbook air battery replacement, mac fix, macbook battery repair & macbook battery replacement, macbook pro battery replacement
original macbook pro battery, mac pro ram upgrade, logical information recovery, component replacement: monitors, batteries, CDs, keyboards & more…

ETL Standard Service

Want guarantee for proper software activity? You got it !!i
Customers of the ETL standard (private and business) enjoy a convenient and accessible response in the laboratory and on the phone during all hours of operation by a skilled, professional and attentive team of technicians. making your mac working better and safer by installing an active antivirus for mac, then we run mac spyware scan and
remove all Unnecessary temp files from the hard disk.

In addition to the computer repair service, you can purchase end equipment and computer accessories: mice, keyboards, hard disks in a variety of volumes, a large selection of cables, original PC laptop charger original MAC charger for all models and lot more…

ETL Lab guarantee

In our lab the interpretation The concept of responsibility is one: responsibility must be given where the product was purchased and where the service was received
Customers who receive a service / purchase a laboratory product enjoy laboratory warranty, a warranty that is given immediately and directly to the customer without additional or external parties. Our responsibility is one of the main factors in our laboratory and we support it in all matters relating to the services and products received through us

ETL Free Consultation on Adjusting and buying a new computer

The computer sales service provided to laboratory customers gives the user guarantee for both the hardware and the software. Computers purchased according to the specific needs of the customer and according to a qualitative specification (hardware and software), with the possibility of backing up and transferring information from the customer’s old computer to the new one.


:our lab address

E.T.L Computer Lab. 51 Hahashmonaim st. Tel aviv

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